Net Zero co2 emission project 2050

 Solar Technology   Standard Test Conditions (STC) are the laboratory conditions under which all PV modules are tested. It can be said that STC is a benchmark for comparing different types of PV modules, even if they are not from the same provider.  STC means : An irradiance of 1000 watts per square meter, which equivalent of peak sunshine on a surface directly facing the sun in a day without clouds. Temperature of the cell – 25°C. The temperature of the solar cell itself, not the temperature of the surrounding. Mass of the air – 1.5. Nominal Operating Cell Temperature   (NOCT),  the real site conditions under which a PV module will operate.  The irradiance is 800 watts per square meter the temperature considered is 45 (+/- 3) °C. The light spectrum is the same as for STC. Why people say – IST Business Boosting Course ? We cover business opportunities in Residential, Public Sector, Commercial and Industry, how you will prepare your technical team to fulfill customer requirement? How c